Dash Cakes

Since 2012 we’ve been making you handmade cakes, desserts and baked treats Our special recipes have been developed over the years, passed down the generations and today are carefully followed by our bakers and patisserie chefs. This history, attention to quality and consistency guarantees whenever you bite into a Dash Cakes cake or dessert you will not be disappointed

We are always innovating, developing new products and enjoy keeping our range fresh and up to date for you. We also follow the changing tastes of our customers and have recently added gluten free and vegetarian ranges which are proving to be popular not to mention extremely yummy !



We never use artificial flavours or additives in our cupcakes and cakes and we bake exclusively with the very best natural ingredients available, including organic free range eggs, Lescure AOC butter, Organic Doves Farm flour, Tate & Lyle sugars and Callebaut chocolate and cocoa.


Our cakes are filled, layered, swirled, piped and drizzled. We love trying new recipes and techniques and there’s little we won’t do in search of cake perfection. That’s why we make every addition to our cakes and cupcakes – meringues, curds, sauces, brittles, caramels and more – from scratch every day, and why every cake is baked and decorated fresh to order.



We’ve worked hard to create a group of cake-obsessed friends who are passionate about what they do. Our cake makers are some of the best in the business, and they’re backed up by teams in our Soho shop and Wandsworth office who are passionate about providing the best service possible.


These cakes are so hot right now! Check out some of the gang’s current faves.